Time-Filler Mask [Collagen]

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Description: The power of a serum concentrated into a mask with a second-skin effect. Gives a smooth and visibly younger skin in 15 minutes.

This black fiber mask is rich in active lifting ingredients and natural collagen, to smooth and regenerate from the very first application in just 15 minutes.

  • Double smoothing effect (lifting + filling),- with natural origin collagen, to visibly smooth wrinkles.
  • Intense regenerating action - a cell booster that stimulates skin renewal for a reinforced Younger Complexion action.
  • Black fiber technology - perfectly adheres to the curves of the face to boost absorption of the active ingredients.

Skin Type/Concerns: All skin types, ageing skin - wrinkles and skin slackening.

Directions: Open the sachet, unfold the mask and place it onto the cleansed face. Leave it to work for 15 minutes. Ensure excess serum is absorbed by massaging with the fingertips. No rinse. Repeat the Application once or twice a week.

Pack Size: Single-dose sachet.