Sun Secure Brume SPF50+ 200ml (Spray)

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For who? For what?


Sun Secure patent(1): four years of research to invent the ideal filter combination that delivers high sun protection while respecting the marine environment.

SUN SECURE Mist SPF50 offers high dermatological protection with this new patented(1 ) filter combination that respects the marine environment.

A light, ultra-fine texture for quick and easy application. It leaves a totally invisible finish and has an imperceptible, non-greasy, non-sticky feel. The delicate summery scent will make you want to reapply it frequently!

Water-resistant, sweat-resistant, rub- resistant .

Plus! SUN SECURE Brume SPF50 respects the marine environment. It has passed biodegradability tests based on OECD standard 301F, as well as eco-toxicity tests on algae (ISO 10253) and aquatic invertebrates (ISO 14669). These two species belong to the zooplankton and phytoplankton families, which are essential to the healthy growth of corals.

- 100% said the 360° spray application was practical
- 100%said it penetrated rapidly
- 100% said it had an imperceptible texture
- 100%said their skin was hydrated and satiny

How does it work?

Strict formulation criteria adapted to skin that is hypersensitive to the sun. Proven efficacy under dermatological control without compromising on the pleasure of using the product:

High protection against UVA and UVB provided by a patented* combination of four organic, photostable sun filters that form a physical protective barrier on the skin’s surface.

How to use it?

Apply generously and evenly before sun exposure. Repeat application frequently to maintain protection, especially after sweating, swimming or towel-drying. Spray onto your hands, then apply to the face. Avoid contact with eyes.

Remember to recycle the empty packaging::
- The bottle is 100% recyclable: please check your local facilities.
- Please check your local facilities for guidance on recycling the detachable spray applicator.