Sleep and Peel

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Description: The FILORGA Sleep and Peel is an ultra-soft velvety texture that will revitalise your skin while you sleep. The skin is gently resurfaced and new cells are generated, thanks to an invigorating blend of six hydroxy-acids. Filorga has infused the cream with both AHAs and BHAs to provide gradual multi-layer exfoliation, ensuring pores are deeply unclogged and cells are renewed for a clear and glowing complexion.

Skin Type/Concerns: All skin types, ageing skin, skin prone to pigmentation. Wrinkles, imperfections, irregular skin texture, lack of radiance.

Directions: Apply in the evening to a completely cleansed face. Avoid the eye contour and direct contact with the eyes. Do not apply on damp skin. If you experience intense burning sensations, rinse the face with cool water and stop using the product. Do not combine this product with other potentially irritating or sensitising skincare products.


Pack Size: 50ml jar.