Sensifine AR Eau Micellaire 200ml (Micellar Cleanser/Make-up Remover)

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For who? For what?

For skin prone to redness and couperose.

A cooling micellar water enriched with hydrating agents and soothing niacinamide for gentle makeup removal and cleansing. Removes makeup from face, eyes and lips. Suitable for even the most sensitive skin.

• Gently cleanses the skin: 95% agree (1)
• Reduces feelings of tightness: 90% agree (1)
• Soothes feelings of heat: 80% agree (1)
• Immediately calms the skin: 80% agree (1)

How does it work?

A cleanser suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive. Formula based on ultra-mild surfactants, soothing niacinamide and hydrating agents.

How to use it?

Soak a cotton pad with the micellar water and place on areas suffering from redness for a few seconds to cool them. Then sweep gently over the skin to remove makeup and impurities. SENSIFINE AR Eau Micellaire removes makeup on the face, eyes and lips.