Sebiaclear Hydratante 40ml (Hydrating moisturiser)

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For who? For what?

Acne-prone skin undergoing drying treatment.

HYDRA is the ideal partner for skin undergoing acne treatment.

SEBIACLEAR HYDRA is more than a compensating moisturiser, it repairs skin deep-down while combating blemishes and residual red and brown marks.

The innovative micro-aerated cream mousse melts into the skin on application. This moisturiser penetrates skin easily for a velvety non-greasy finish. Excellent makeup base

• Red and brown marks: -41% (1)
• Flaking and dryness: -53% (1)
• 48-hour hydration effect: 73% agreed (2)
• Immediate soothing effect: +34% (3)

How does it work?

People with acne-prone skin undergoing a treatment programme have dry, sensitised skin. To offset the effects of treatment, SEBIACLEAR HYDRA delivers daily comfort and hydration while combating blemishes and marks.

This product with a physiological pH is formulated for all skin types, even the most sensitive. Hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic.

Skin is hydrated thanks to the high concentration of active ingredients:

• 21% rich phase for ultra-hydrated skin, with:
• 8% omega ceramides: regulate skin suffering from redness, flaking and dryness, and restore the skin’s protective barrier
• Hydrophilic sugars: 72-hour hydration***
*** Clinical tests, 13 volunteers, twice-daily application, four weeks

• 5% niacinamide: dual action
• Anti-brown and red marks
• Slows bacterial proliferation and eliminates blemishes caused by inflammation

How to use it?

Apply morning and/or evening after cleansing skin with Sebiaclear Eau Micellaire.