Sebiaclear Creme SPF50 50ml

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For who? For what?

For sensitive combination and oily blemish-prone skin exposed to the sun, face.

Sebiaclear Crème SPF50 protects combination and oily skin against blemishes. It limits sebum production and prevents skin thickening to avoid a delayed breakout after sun exposure, as well as brown or red marks linked to UV rays.

Sheer hydrating oil-free texture with a dry feel.


How does it work?

When you have spots, it’s easy to imagine that the sun will fade them and leave a glowing complexion in their place. But sun exposure can actually cause a breakout on your return from holiday. This is because UV rays stimulate sebum production but also cause the skin to thicken, trapping the sebum beneath the surface. When your time in the sun is over, your skin thins again and the trapped sebum comes out in the form of spots, blackheads and enlarged pores.

Tested on sensitive acne-prone skin.Non-comedogenic.


• Gluconolactone (1%): purifies and smooths the skin texture
• Niacinamide (4%) + salicylic acid: limit the proliferation of bacteria and soothe redness
• Mat SR (2%): mattifying sebum-regulating agent
• UVA/UVB filters: high sun protection, help prevent marks and brown spots caused by UV

How to use it?

Apply in the morning and before sun exposure to the face, neck and décolleté. Repeat application frequently.