Optim-Eyes Lashes & Brows

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Description: The FILORGA Optim Eyes Lashes and Brows is a double action formula for fuller lashes and brows.

Sparse thin lashes? Undefined eyebrows? Over plucked brows? Need eyesbrows on fleek? Losing intensity?

Discover OPTIM-EYES LASHES & BROWS®, a skincare formula with double action to enhance and restructure the eyes.

Step 1 - / Booster serum [thickness + length]:
On one hand, an ultra-precise liner tip, to deposit the active ingredients close to the lash and brow roots.
The KERA-EXTEND CX® complex combined with high-dose NCTF® works at the root to lengthen them for fuller looking brows and lashes.
Meanwhile, the KERA-MAINTAIN CX® complex helps to keep them firmly rooted, stop them from breaking, and delaying when they fall out. The lashes are longer and fuller, and the brow line is reshaped.

Step 2 - / Volumizing care [nourishing + thickening]:
On the other hand, an injected brush, like a mascara brush, that instantly coats and shapes the lashes and brows.
A double action nutrition matrix diffuses proteins into the core of the fibres to immediately nourish and thicken lashes and brows.
This colourless base makes make-up easier to apply and improves its hold.


  • Morning and Evening.
  • Step 1: Booster serum - apply the serum to the roots of cleansed lashes and brows. Transparent serum stimulates anchorage, density and length.
  • Step 2: Volumising care - apply the product to the brows and lashes from the root to the tip. Transparent gel treatment that nourishes and thickens the fiber.

Pack Size: 2 vials of 6,5ml.