Masque Anti-Ox C

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For who? For what?

Sensitive dull, tired skin. Lack of radiance, wrinkles.

This micro-peeling mask with its ultra-sensory texture will become your new radiance booster. Its creamy foam with a unique formulation1 contains the highest concentration1 of stabilized vitamin C, the reference radiance active ingredient, combined with retexturizing and plumping active ingredients. The result is a record concentration1 of 41%2 to exfoliate, smooth and illuminate the complexion. Your sleep-deprived skin is regenerated and awakened in 15 minutes!

After just 15 minutes:  +18% luminosity*  +22% refined skin texture**

After 1 month: 96% the complexion is more luminous*** 96% the complexion is clearer and fresher*** 96% skin is smoothed***

How does it work?

A dull complexion is women’s top concern. It is one of the first signs that alerts you to skin aging. With its radiance complex that combines dermatological active ingredients in a high concentration, it offers a micro-peeling effect on the surface to visibly transform skin quality [radiance, evenness, skin texture]:

• The highest concentration of vitamin C125%2 with a duo of Optimized Vitamin C: a powerful leading antioxidant, protects against aging and illuminates the skin.

- 4%(2) Gluconolactone: gentle retexturizing effect, smooths and refines skin texture

- 2%(2) Niacinamide (Vitamin B3)

- 8%(2) Moisturizing Complex including High Molecular Weight Hyaluronic Acid

- 2%(2) Brightening Agent

Packaging innovation: radiance mask in an aerosol format, optimizes the efficacy and properties of stabilized vitamin C by preventing it from coming into contact with air and light.

The marks of fatigue fade.

Radiance is revived and the signs of aging are reduced. 

Tested under dermatological control and on sensitive skin.

How to use it?

Choose your favorite way to use the mask! Shake and apply the mousse in the palm of your hands, then massage onto a clean face until absorbed. Then choose to leave on for 15 minutes then rinse, or remove the excess with a damp cotton pad and leave the rest on all night. In the morning, rinse with water.

Reapply once to three times a week.