Lift-Structure Radiance [Collagen + Hyaluronic Acid]

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The FILORGA Lift Structure Radiance is a comprehensive anti-ageing, fluid moisturiser with a universal rose tint leaving the skin glowing, ideal for dull skin showing signs of sagging and loss of firmness. It effectively lifts, plumps and tightens the skin, while improving skin tone and radiance.

  • Smoother features & redefined volume: Plasmatic Lifting Factors® combines: Cell Factors + Collagen + Hyaluronic Acid,  to visibly tighten the features, plump the skin and deeply hydrate.
  • Revitalised & Radiant Skin: It corrects irregularities with a combination of Anti-Glycant Peptide + Keratolytic Peptain,  while stimulating the skin using Goji berries + Revitalizing Minerals to help improve cell turnover and even tone.

 Skin Type/Concerns: All skin types. Sagging and drawn features. Dull complexion lacking radiance.


  • Morning only - alone or after using your serum (e.g. Lift Designer serum - great combination).
  • Apply on face and neck.

Pack size: 50ml airless bottle.