Densitium Rose Eclat 50ml (colour correcting moisturiser)

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For who? For what?

Normal to dry mature skin. Sallow complexion. Face and neck.

DENSITIUM CREME ROSE reveals radiance in mature skin. Its dual-action formula redensifies and revitalises skin with long-lasting results. No need to add artificial colour! The pink pigments correct colour imbalances and instantly illuminate the skin. The luxurious, non-sticky texture provides ultimate comfort all day long. Dare to go pink, it suits you!  

Results measured by dermatologists!

- Crow’s feet: -26%
- Sagging of the facial contours: -11%
- Skin firmness: +36%
- Pink-toned complexion: +102%
- Radiance: +38%

How does it work?

The epidermis lives an intense life. Every day the skin must produce energy, renew its cells and fight external aggressions. Over time it becomes weaker and its activity slows down. The skin structure becomes unbalanced.

Hormonal changes during one’s fifties accentuate this process. We notice dryness, looser skin, deeper wrinkles and sagging features. The complexion becomes more yellow and less radiant.

DENSITIUM ROSE ECLAT combines ten years of dermatological expertise at SVR with the latest colour technologies for instant and long-lasting correction of mature skin.   


• Ultra-fragmented hyaluronic acid plumps up the skin and restores its moisture levels
• Bio-calcium(1) restructures and strengthens the epidermis
• An anti-gravity active stimulates collagen production to fight sagging

• An anti-yellowing active stimulates microcirculation
• Pink pigments correct yellowing and create an instant healthy glow.

How to use it?

Apply in the morning to the whole of the face and neck, starting in the centre and working outwards.