Densitium Contour Yeux 15ml (eye cream)

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For who? For what?

DENSITIUM innovation, the global dermatological correction for a reinforced efficiency on all the signs of ageing: dryness, wrinkles, skin slackening, loss of radiance and uniformity.

DENSITIUM CONTOUR DES YEUX has been specially formulated to accompany the skin through the upheavals due to the menopause and to correct the very fragile and overworked eye contour area. The skin becomes thinner and looser, expression lines deepen, dark circles and puffiness are more visible.

As expert as it is sensory, it is composed of an ultra-complete core formula: ultra-fragmented hyaluronic acid and bio-calcium, the range's historical active ingredients, durably moisturise and redensify the skin for redefined features. A duo of amino acids and probiotics even out and illuminate the eyes. The formula is enriched with tetrapeptides and Goji berries offering a smoothing action, the features are smoothed, dark circles and puffiness are reduced. Its innovative texture with a smoothing and tensing effect moisturises, relaxes and opens the eyes.


An eco-designed skin care product with 94% of ingredients of natural origin in an attractive packaging made of a 100% recyclable glass bottle.

Proven effectiveness in 2 months:

31% reduction in crow's feet wrinkles(1)
-22% reduction in dark circles(1)
-22% reduction in bags

How does it work?

The onset of the menopause changes the skin's metabolism. This is due to hormonal changes: the fall in oestrogen and progesterone. The synthesis of support tissues and cell regeneration are less efficient. What are the consequences? The skin becomes thinner and looser, particularly around the eye contour area where the skin is physiologically thinner and overworked on a daily basis, and expression lines deepen. Vascularisation and the elimination of toxins slow down, dark circles and puffiness appear. The face looks more tired and skin ageing accelerates.

 DENSITIUM CONTOUR DES YEUX is composed of an ultra-complete core formula with just the right amount of dermatological active ingredients to correct skin imbalances around the eyes:

Ultra-fragmented hyaluronic acid: plumps, moisturises and fills in wrinkles.
Bio-calcium(1 ): redensifies and restructures volumes.
The duo of amino acids: unifies and homogenises the complexion.
Probiotics: strengthen the skin, restoring it by fortifying the cutaneous barrier.
Tetrapeptides: smoothes out wrinkles and fine lines and fills in deep wrinkles (crow's feet).
Goji berries: Harmonise the volumes of the valley of tears, smooth wrinkles and open the eyes.  

How to use it?

Apply morning and evening by gently tapping from the inner corner towards the outer corner of the eye. Pay particular attention to your crow’s feet (wrinkles around the outer corner).