Densitium Baume Nuit 50ml (Night Balm/Cream)

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For who? For what?

DENSITIUM innovation, the global dermatological correction for a reinforced efficiency on all the signs of ageing: dryness, wrinkles, skin slackening, loss of radiance and uniformity.

DENSITIUM NIGHT BAUME has been specially formulated to accompany the skin through the upheavals due to the menopause and to meet the needs of mature skin. It counterbalances the effects of the disruption of the skin's chronobiology.

As expert as it is sensory, it is composed of an ultra-complete core formula:

Ultra-fragmented hyaluronic acid and bio-calcium, the range's historical active ingredients, plump and redensify the skin for a clearer and firmer facial contour. Enriched with a duo of amino acids and probiotics, the skin is more even, luminous and stronger. Its formula is completed with tetrapeptides offering a real regenerating action for a smoother and fresher skin in the morning as after a good night sleep. 

Its nourishing and enveloping texture, delicately scented, soothes and comforts the skin.

Its advantages?
An eco-designed care product with 95% of ingredients of natural origin and attractive packaging composed of:
-A 100% recyclable glass jar
-A cover made of Bakelite, a cellulose material made from wood from ecologically managed forests (FSC/PEFC).

The skin is nourished and feels more comfortable for longer.(1)
Overnight, the surface of wrinkles and spots is reduced.(2)

After 1 month of use:
90% skin is regenerated(3)
85% skin is redensified(3)

After 2 months of use
-11.7% of the surface area of sleep wrinkles(2)
-15. 3% of the surface area of spots(2)
+22% the complexion is more even. (3)

How does it work?

The arrival of the menopause upsets the skin's metabolism and its chronobiology. In addition to the hormonal changes that have a global impact on the skin's condition, during this period the nights are shorter and more difficult and cell regeneration weakens. Consequences? The synthesis of support tissues decreases, so it appears thinner, more sensitive, wrinkles are marked and sleep wrinkles are deepened. The complexion becomes duller and yellows due to the glycation process that is activated. The decrease in vascularisation leads to a slackening of the skin, a loss of density, the harmony of the face is affected. The skin is tired and overburdened.

DENSITIUM NIGHT BAUME is made up of an ultra-complete core formula with just the right amount of dermatological active ingredients to correct skin imbalances:

Ultra-fragmented hyaluronic acid: plumps, moisturises and fills in wrinkles.
Bio-calcium*: restructures, redensifies and strengthens the epidermis.
The Amino Acid Duo: evens out the complexion, reducing spots and the yellowing effect of the skin.
Probiotics: strengthen the skin, restoring it by fortifying the cutaneous barrier

Tetrapeptides: stimulate the cell regeneration process, revitalize, defatigize and smooth the skin for a radiant skin in the morning.

Bio-assimilable by the skin

How to use it?

Apply in the evening to the entire face and neck. Massage to relax the features and give yourself a moment of relaxation.