Clairial Cible 4g

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Clairial Cible is a targeted treatment with a new creamy powder texture, for an innovative action on localized spots (face, hands, décolleté)!

Featured benefits:

– Clairial Cible is a super-concentrated powder that treats dark pigmentation spots.
– The powder form incorporates a very high concentration of active depigmenting ingredients for even more effective results on the most visible brown spots.
– Pigmentation is instantly less visible and the skin is lighter. Day after day, brown spots are reduced and the skin becomes more unified.
– The combination of highly concentrated (17%) correcting, depigmenting actives ensures instant and long-lasting action on the appearance of brown spots and skin radiance, with visible results after two weeks.

Directions for use:

1. Use the dropper to deposit the desired amount of CLAIRIAL CIBLE on your fingertip or palm.

2. Apply to localised brown spots and massage into the skin. The powder instantly turns into cream, releasing its actives directly onto affected areas!

3. Repeat for all brown spots (face, hands, décolleté, etc.).

You can complete your brown spot treatment routine with CLAIRIAL SERUM and CLAIRIAL CREME 10.

Read the leaflet carefully before use.