Cicavit+ Spray 40ml (Soothing spray for itchy skin)

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For who? For what?

For all types of sensitive skin. For temporary or sustained itching. Children from age 3, adults. Face, body, skin creases.

Put a stop to itching thanks to the first* spray with an instant anti-itching effect.

This new ultra-rapid cooling spray calms itching with its dual soothing and anti-mark action, and starts repairing skin from the first application.

Benefits: - Effective anti-itching action in just 30 seconds

• 40ml for 80 applications
• No massage needed, no contamination 

How does it work?

There are many different causes of itching that can affect the whole family, children and adults alike: allergies, irritation, scratching, extreme dryness, insect bites and more. Scratching impedes the skin’s natural repair process. Cicavit+ SOS Grattage spray is based on a formula that instantly breaks this vicious cycle and helps you return to an itch-free quality of life.  


- 15% anti-irritation complex to totally stop the urge to scratch - A prebiotic sugar that acts on the microbiome and rebalances the skin’s flora by stimulating the growth of beneficial flora - An active formula rich in rhamnose, which forms a protective film and prevents pathogenic bacteria from sticking to the skin’s surface - Centella asiatica combined with provitamin B5 to ease discomfort and, importantly, help the skin heal without marks!

How to use it?

Spray onto skin from a minimum distance of 15 cm as often as required. Allow the product to absorb by itself. No need to massage it into the skin, no bacterial contamination.

For the face, first spray onto your palms, then apply with your hands.