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BARE Level-Up is for:

Women needing more focus and support for a goal-driven mindset.
Women needing a physical boost.
Women wanting to look and feel good - physically and emotionally.


With Nootropics (brain boosting ingredients):
300mg Taurine supports mental health and signs of anxiety. 
200mg L-Tyrosine supports signs of depression and the production of dopamine and important brain chemicals.
50mg L-Theanine to support mental focus and the relief of stress & anxiety.
350 mcg Huperzine A for memory and learning enhancement.

With weight management and appetite control ingredients:
1000mg L-Carnitine Tartrate assists in the oxidation of fatty acids during exercise (i.e. assisting your body to use fat instead of carbs for energy).
Natural Herbal Extracts blended together to support appetite control and weight management.
Garcinia Cambogia and Green Tea Extract supports blood sugar regulation, weight management and appetite control.

With energy boosting ingredients:
250mg Siberian Ginseng Extract supports increased energy and vitality.
200mg Guarana Extract supports memory, reduced fatigue and increased energy.
150mg Caffeine assists in combatting fatigue and drowsiness as well as supports brain function.

With 13 Vitamins and Minerals to support health and vitality, SPECIFICALLY formulated for females.

NO Artificial sweeteners and colourants. 
Contains no common allergens.


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