Ampoule C - Anti Ox 30ml

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For who? for what?

Dull, tired skin, unevenness, wrinkles.

20% Vitamin C optimized for radiant skin! This ultra-concentrated serum with optimized Vitamin C immediately recharges the skin to reveal a radiant complexion and reduce signs of fatigue. Day after day, the skin is in great shape: toned, luminous and even! And that's good for morale!

After 1 application: +75%(1) toned skin

After 7 days:
+17% complexion luminosity(2)
+18% complexion homogeneity(4)

After 28 days:
90% of tired skin is revived(3)
97% of dull skin is energized

How does it work?

Vitamin C, a great classic which is not so easy to formulate! In its pure state it is unstable over time, in other words it loses its properties and is no longer effective. You’ll see, it’s noticeable because it turns brown. 

So how can its effectiveness be maximized? SVR selected an optimized form. 20% of this optimized Vitamin C is equivalent to 17% of pure Vitamin C. Its structure is similar to Vitamin C and offers the same properties as pure Vitamin C but is stable and effective over time. Result: Ampoule C recharges skin batteries, delivering an effective boost and what’s more it can be kept for 9 months after opening. We love it!

Non-comedogenic. Tested on 50% sensitive skin under dermatological control.

How to use it?

A customized routine in a few drops: apply morning and night before your normal cream or mix directly into your cream. Avoid the eye contour.