Your guide to skincare MUST-HAVES

Using good quality skincare products can become very costly, but it is absolutely vital as to what we nourish our faces with so we decided to give you a hand in building up your your basket for your daily skincare routine.

1. Choose your Cleanser

This is your standard baseline product that should be formulated for your specific skin type.

2. Choose your Sunscreen

This is also categorised into your baseline products and should be applied after your moisturiser, if you have one already. If you do not have a moisturiser yet, your sunscreen can act as a day moisturiser for the time being.

3. Choose a Night Moisturiser

4. Choose a Day Moisturiser

5. Choose a Targeted Corrective

Generally a targeted corrective is formulated into a gel or serum base which can be used either or morning or evening (or both) under a moisturiser. The question to ask here is what is your most pressing skin concern that you would like to see improved? Based on your answer, you will choose the most relevant product, e.g. eye serums for anti-ageing etc.